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Public Race

Public Race

The public race will take place at the same time as WMOC. The public race is for athletes under 35 years and for athletes not capable of participating in WMOC.
The classes are from M10/W10 to M21/W21.
Athletes can sign up to any of the ten classes. But if they want to compete with athletes of their own age, they must sign up for the class that corresponds to their age.


Please register here if you are a runner from any other country then Denmark. Danish runners must register in o-service.


5 days pre-booked:
50 € for athletes up to 20 years
80 € for athletes from 21 years.

1 day pre-booked:
12 € per day for athletes up to 20 years
18 € per day for athletes from 21 years

Open courses bought on the competition day:
14 € for athletes up to 20 years
20 € for athletes from 21 years



The public race will take place on the same five competition days as WMOC. The Event Arenas are the same, but the public race will have its own start and finish.
The start will be put and run with minimum one minute interval. The first start in the public race will take place at the same time as the first runner starts at WMOC. Athletes can start within three hours from the first start.
There will be an ongoing competition over the five days. Every day the winner in each age group will get 100 points. Number two 99 points. Number three 98 points and so on.
On Friday 13th of July we will pay tribute to the overall winners of the public race.
Runners who do not want to participate all five days can buy access to the different competition days in advance.
It is also possible to buy open courses on the competition days but some of the courses might be sold out.

Public Race - Classes