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According to the IOF Competition Rules Section 14.3, it is hereby announced, that the areas shown in the map as embargoed are out of bounds for participants in World Masters Orienteering Championships 2018 (WMOC 2018). 

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Apart from driving through the areas on the main roads mentioned in the embargo description, any presence in the embargoed areas prior to the relevant competition will have the consequence, that the person can not be allowed to start in WMOC 2018.
You can find more details about the allowed routes here or by clicking on the map.


Since valid reasons may apply for potential WMOC 2018 participants to visit Scion DTU in Hørsholm and central Copenhagen, the following procedure should be applied before such required visits: The potential participant sends an e-mail to In the header, the WMOC competition class in 2018 and the name and country of the participant should be written. In the e-mail text, the participant briefly describes the date of the visit and the route followed from entering the embargoed area until it is left again.

The participant should not expect any response to the e-mail. It will only be used if situations with possible embargo breach should occur.
Header: {M 55, Helge Lang Pedersen, DEN}
Text: {20 th January 2017, Driving in car from Børsgade to parking area in the yard of Christiansborg Castle. Meeting in Danish Parliament. Driving the same way out of the area.}