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As a test, we plan to establish a team of organisers representatives capable of speaking a number of languages. If you would like to be contacted through Skype in your own language, please indicate your preferred language, skype name and indicate a time of day where you would like to be contacted. Then we will see, what we can do.

Organizing Commitee

Event Director Ole Husen, Farum Orienteering Club
Assistant Event Director Svend Mortensen Tisvilde Hegn Orienteering Club
Finance: Steen Stausholm Farum Orienteering Club
Peter Reinholdt Farum Orienteering Club
Ellis Sommer, OC Øst Birkerød
Erik Simonsen OC Øst Birkerød
Niels la Cour Bentzon, Søllerød Orienteering Club
Anne Kaae-Nielsen Søllerød Orienteering Club
Jesper David Jensen, Tisvilde Hegn Orienteering Club